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About Aluminium

A versatile metal with many applications

Thanks to the combination of properties that make it unique, aluminium is a very versatile metal with a vast and expanding range of applications.

Aluminium Round Tube

Aluminium is durable, offers design flexibility, has a high strength-to-weight ratio, can be subjected to many types of surface treatments, has reflective properties, is a good conductor of heat and electricity and is low-maintenance. Below are some of the advantages of using aluminium.

• Durable: Aluminium Extrusions are composed of aluminium alloys that make them weatherproof, corrosion-resistant and immune to the harmful effects of UV rays.

• Design flexibility: The aluminium extrusion process allows an almost infinite range of aluminium profiles to be produced. This gives designers the option of integrating different functions into a single profile.

• High strength-to-weight ratio: This is property of aluminium which allows architects to satisfy the required design specifications while reducing the burden on the supporting structure. Due to the inherent strength of the metal, extruded aluminium frames for windows and partitions can be produced using lightweight extruded sections.

• Many types of surface treatments: Aluminium extrusions can be anodised, painted in any colour or undergo a multitude of surface treatments. In this way, the decorative requirements of the designer can be met.

• Good reflective properties: This makes aluminium an ideal material for light management. Aluminium solar collectors help reduce the energy needed for artificial lighting and heating in the winter. Aluminium shading equipment reduces the need for air-conditioning in the summer.

• Heat conduction: Aluminium is a good heat conductor. In many cases, this is desirable, but in some cases this may be a problem. By modifying the aluminium extrusion design and using materials that are poorer heat conductors to act as thermal breaks, aluminium extrusions can be optimised for the specific application.

BOAL UK manufactures 6000 series alloys - extruded aluminium profiles.

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