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Bespoke Profiles

Our aluminium profiles are manufactured in-house at our extrusions plants in Europe (UK, Belgium and the Netherlands) 

We produce over 22,000 Tonnes at our UK site alone and below are just some of the options we can offer to you:


 Short manufacturing lead times Request current

 Named contacts for quotation and order progression

 A UK Design Team with over 60 years experience

 Technical Advise on product design

 Experience providing for large projects 

 Experience supplying to over 60 different sectors

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We offer additional advice and services including confidential aluminium extrusion design Technical Advice, Packaging, Surface Treatments and Fabrication 

Options for our Bespoke Aluminium Profiles

Our options vary by site. Below are examples from our sites:

 Length – We offer 3m – 13m as standard. UK

 Quantity – MOQ from 350Kg/500Kg. UK

 Alloy options – Soft Alloys 6060/6063. Hard alloys 6005A/6082. UK

 Surface Quality – Commercial/ painted/ anodised (protective/decorative).

 Surface Treatments – Paint, Anodising and Thermal Break Options

 Fabricated Aluminium Options – Thermal Break In-house Machine. Belgium