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Surface Treatments and Fabrication

At BOAL we understand the growing demand for fabricated and finished components. To react to this we have invested significantly in our value added operations and we are offering a total product solution for our customers.

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BOAL Surface Treatment Options

We offer a full range of painting and anodising services including polyamide and resin thermal barriers. We can supply components at a range of cut lengths include long lengths coated before or after cutting.

As standard we offer 3m-13m. We can offer up to 15m for collection and cutting services

BOAL uses an extensive network of partners within the aluminium industry to provide practically any surface treatment, quickly and with quality assurance. The most common surface treatments are anodising and powder coating.

To accomodate for different surface finishes we offer quotations in a range of surface qualities including commercial quality, painting quality, and anodising quality.